AAA Credenitaling Pathway

POCUS hub.


POCUS hub.

1.  Learning Objectives

1. Complete UTEC online physics/knobology and AAA course and attend a AAA practical workshop which meets the current ACEM Guideline G25 for Ultrasound Education Program (minimum of 2 hours practical time with 1:5 instructor to student ratios)


2. Logbook - Minimum of 15 accurate examinations must be performed. - At least 50% of these examinations must be clinically indicated - At least 3 should demonstrate an aneurysm.


3. Complete summative assessment. This may be completed at an EMUGs finishing school workshop.


4. Download the EMUGS certificate of completion for signing by your supervisor

2. AAA Minimal Imaging Requirements

3. UTEC Module - AAA

4. AAA Resources

5. AAA Logbook

6. Summative Assessment

• Demonstrate an understanding of the appropriate anatomy and pathology. Including the Aorta in transverse and Longitudinal, Vertebral body, IVC, Bowel/Stomach and Liver.

• Effectively image the aorta between the coeliac axis and the aortic bifurcation in both transverse and longitudinal.

• The method to correctly measure the maximal aortic diameter in both transverse and longitudinal.

• Knowledge of the relationship between aortic diameter and the risk of rupture and interpreting this in the clinical setting. This includes potential differential diagnoses that may co-exist with a AAA.

• Identify & explain the basis of common artefacts in AAA scanning

• Label and record an appropriate image set for storage in the medical record.