Vascular Access & Ultrasound Needle Guidance

POCUS hub.


POCUS hub.

1.  Learning Objectives

1. Complete UTEC online physics/knobology and Vascular Access course and attend a Vascular Access practical workshop which meets the current ACEM Guideline G25 for Ultrasound Education Program


2. For needle-guided procedures, a minimum of three directly supervised procedures must be performed for both in plane and out of plane needle guidance. Proficiency in in-plane and out of plane guidance is to be encouraged performing peripheral procedures before undertaking central procedures. It should be noted that although only three directly supervised procedures (two formative and one summative) are required for credentialing, this is due to limited access to trainers. To achieve proficiency, a candidate will need to perform at least 25 successful needle guided procedures. The use of simulators is encouraged where necessary to gain psychomotor skills in a safe environment


3. Complete summative assessment. This may be completed at an EMUGs finishing school workshop.


4. Download the EMUGS certificate of completion for signing by your supervisor

3. UTEC Module - Vascular Access

6. Ultrasound Needle Guidance - Further Resources

4. Ultrasound Needle Guidance Logbook 

5. Summative Assessment

1. Be aware of some basic principles of ultrasound physics and common ultrasound artefacts.

2. Become proficient in the use of the ultrasound machine including appropriate settings, image optimisation and probe handling to enable needle guidance.

3. Develop an understanding of the relevant anatomy (and common variations) and sonoanatomy (including their relationships to adjacent structures) of peripheral forearm veins, central veins (Internal Jugular, Subclavian, Femoral) and arteries (Radial, Brachial, Femoral)

4. Understand the sonographic appearance of a needle in both transverse and longitudinal views and develop the ability to guide a needle under real-time ultrasound guidance into a target vessel using both in-plane and out-of-plane techniques

5. Be aware of the infection control policies in ultrasound guided procedures and care of the ultrasound.