EFAST - Minimal Imaging Requirements

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POCUS hub.

The minimal imaging sets for an eFAST exam is outlined below.


• Still or cineloop images of RUQ (including Morison’s Pouch, tip of liver and base of right hemithorax)

• Still or cineloop images of LUQ (including lienorenal space, tip of spleen and base of left hemithorax)

• Transverse and longitudinal pelvis

• Cineloops of cardiac (subcostal or other window that clearly demonstrates posterior pericardium)

• Anterior right lung and left lung (cineloop or M-mode that clearly demonstrates presence or absence of lung sliding)


It is understood that in many cases more images should be recorded to fully demonstrate the abnormality.


In some cases the patient’s condition will not allow the full set to be obtained (e.g. basic echo during CPR or positive free fluid in an unstable trauma patient), in which case the clinician should record whatever images are obtainable during the time available to adequately answer the clinical question without allowing the ultrasound examination to interfere with ongoing medical treatment.


If local protocols recommend more images for a particular examination then these should be adhered to.