AAA - Minimal Imaging Requirements

POCUS hub.


POCUS hub.

The minimum image set required for your study to be signed off as adequate should include labelled still images of: • transverse proximal abdominal aorta

• transverse distal abdominal aorta

• longitudinal abdominal aorta

• If aneurysm present, then transverse image and longitudinal image at the point of largest diameter

• All images should have maximal diameter measurement (outer wall to outer wall).


It is understood that in many cases more images should be recorded to fully demonstrate the abnormality.


In some cases the patient’s condition will not allow the full set to be obtained (e.g. basic echo during CPR or positive free fluid in an unstable trauma patient), in which case the clinician should record whatever images are obtainable during the time available to adequately answer the clinical question without allowing the ultrasound examination to interfere with ongoing medical treatment.


If local protocols recommend more images for a particular examination then these should be adhered to.