ACEM Collaborations

EMUGs and ACEM have had a close working relationship over the years which was solidified by the establishment of the ACEM/EMUGs Collaboration Working Group in  2020. 


This group works on projects such as the co-development of ED US Clinical Leader Resources among other things.

ACEM Clinical Leads Resources:

For nominated Clinical Leads 

Clinical Lead Nomination Form

POCUS Development Discussions

These meetings are a collaborative discussion with fellow ultrasound enthusiasts in a relaxed and friendly forum. 

They cover topical and relevant themes such as research, education trends, department ultrasound program development and technological developments.

Meetings are held live or online, as either stand alone events or as part of larger EMUGs events

POCUS leaders in our volunteer community actively advocate and lead the way with the uptake, integration and development of the utilisation of POCUS in critical care settings.


EMUGs encourages anyone with an interest in advancing the use of POCUS to get involved in our initiatives.



SEEDs Development

SEEDs provide supervision and training of Emergency Department staff.

EMUGs continues to support and promote the development of SEEDs and SEED programs across Australia and New Zealand.

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(Sonographer Educator in the Emergency Department)

POCUS Leader Package

A calendar year of education, networking and opportunities to collaborate with like minded POCUS advocates and leaders.


(formerly POCUS Development Subscription)

POCUS Management Course

Specifically developed to assist those in senior and/or ultrasound leadership roles or those keen to take on these roles.


Course Faculty: Dr Michael Blaivas, Dr Allan Whitehead, Dr Gabriel Blecher, Dr Vijay Manivel, Dr Cris Zollo and Sonographers Martin Necas, Carolynne Cormack and Anthony Wald

Level 1 Guidance for establishing and/or enriching POCUS management in your department. 


Level 2 How to get started with conducting POCUS research within your ultrasound program or department. 


“Great to find out what other departments have done to find solutions to common issues, and have a framework for what needs to be done as an ultrasound director.”


“I enjoyed networking with experienced POCUS champions and being inspired to make achievable changes in our department.”