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Changes to EMUGs Central Council

Our Central Council has recently undergone a refresh.

We sadly say goodbye to Melody Hiew from her role as EMUGs Director.

Mel was a founding member of EMUGs Victoria and went on to serve on our Central Council as Co-Chairperson. Mel’s contribution to EMUGs over the years has been invaluable and we will miss her insight and energy at our Central Council meetings.

We are excited to introduce Alexandra (Lexi) Nikolsky and Josh Monester.

Lexi and Josh will share the Trainee Portfolio on our Central Council, representing the interests of our up and coming POCUS Heros.

Josh is currently an ED registrar in Darwin, moving back to Melbourne in August 2022.

Josh has an interest in Education and Ultrasound and is excited about the management and governance experience serving on the Central Council will bring.

Lexi has worked as a representative for trainees in various organisations and has a special interest in networking with regional and rural colleagues. Lexi is currently working at The Alfred in Melbourne. Josh will join Lexi at The Alfred in August.

Josh and Lexi bring a wealth of energy and enthusiasm and a fresh perspective to the EMUGs Central Council.


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