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Introducing EMUGs Co-Founder and POCUS Hero... Dr Chris Partyka

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

1. Professional Qualifications (A bit about Chris, professionally speaking…) Chris is an Emergency Physician who was born, raised, trained & (still) works in Sydney. He is also a Prehospital & Retrieval Specialist for NSW Ambulance (Aeromedical Operations). In additional to his clinical work, Chris has keen interests in clinical research, peer support (‘wellbeing’) and education. 2. Why EMUGs? How did you get involved? What has been your contribution? Chris is a founding member of EMUGs, however like all good EMUGs stories, it begins when he met a guy called ‘Brian’ during his Fellowship preparation in Aukland. Once the exam was done & dusted, the two of them conjured up an idea where an ultrasound ’special interest group’ could gather critical mass and motivate POCUS users on the frontline to reclaim ownership (education, training & governance) of ultrasound in the ED. The rest is history... 3. What drives your POCUS passion? The passion for ultrasound has always been there because of how it constantly improves patient care. Whether it is through improved diagnostics, finessing treatment or guiding interventions - the patients benefit, so I’ll keep using it. 4. Favourite travel destination… Italy. It will always be Italy... 5. Who are you outside of work? A husband. A father of two young boys. A connoisseur of hard rock & heavy metal. And someone who likes to spend time in the sun, in the water or in the kitchen...  6. What is your vision for EMUGs? To see EMUGs continue its professional growth & to strengthen its relationship with ACEM. Both of these will be key in achieving its original goals. 7. A message for those new to POCUS. Learn the basics first & learn them well…  Always know the limitations of the scan, as well as your own limitations!


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