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The Utility of POCUS - SONIC Conference

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Dr Brian Doyle & Dr Nadi Pandithage will present during the "Utility of POCUS" session at the SONIC Conference on 21st October 2022 in Noosa, Queensland .

"The evidence for POCUS. Are we dealing with religion?"

A fun and pragmatic look at the evidence for what we do. What are the challenges to evidenced-based POCUS and how do we continue to move forward?


Brian is a USA trained Emergency Physician that embraced point-of-care ultrasound upon his arrival to Australia 20 years ago. He's a clinical lead in POCUS and co-chair of Tasmania EMUG's. He has worn more hats than a reveller at Mardi Gras. He is also very interested in critical appraisal of the literature, clinical research methods and keeping things practical.

"The impact of teaching and training on Pocus utility. "

A glimpse at the utility of Pocus before and after the introduction of a departmental teaching and training program. Is there far to go? What do we need to focus on from here?


Nadi is a senior emergency physician who has worked in Darwin for over 20yrs. Nadi is passionate about emergency medicine teaching and training, having grown up in Darwin and completing most of her post graduate education in Darwin at a time where emergency training was scare. Nadi joined Pocus enthusiasts late in her career only when she noted that there was a deficit in Pocus teaching and training in Darwin and wanted to train herself up and support her trainees. Several years later, she now finds herself as the clinical lead of ED ultrasound training at Royal Darwin and Palmerston Regional Hospitals, about to complete a Diploma of Diagnostic Ultrasound in Emergency Medicine and totally swept off her feet with all the ways that Pocus can make medical practical safer, more time efficient and just so much better for everybody!



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