POCUS Development

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POCUS Development

2021 PACKAGE: Actively participate in driving the POCUS Revolution.

This annual POCUS Development package provides a calendar year of education, networking and opportunities to collaborate with like minded POCUS advocates and leaders.

Annual Package Includes:

POCUS Education

This subscription streamlines your POCUS education activity across 12 months, providing access to recorded presentations and resources as well as discounts to EMUGs online and live events.

Annual Subscription Includes:


  • Recorded Presentations including past EMUGs Webinars

  • Core Module 'How to Scan' Instructional Videos

  • Curated POCUS related Web Links

  • Discounted registration to attend EMUGs Webinars 

  • Discounted registration to attend EMUGs Live Events 

Coming Soon

POCUS Competency

EMUGs is making it easier to complete your POCUS education and credentialing journey.

This package is a step by step guide on how to get yourself credentialled, providing you with 12 month access to EMUGs credentialing pathway including a chat forum to network with others on the same journey.

Annual Subscription Includes:

  • Credentialing Pathway Overview  - In line with ACEM Guidelines

  • Self Paced Checklist - Steps along your Competency Building Pathway

  • Links to Required Modules

  • Ideal Image Set

  • Logbook Template

  • POCUS Credentialing Chat Group

  • Certificate of Completion

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