Paediatric Workshop

Paediatrics is an emerging field in point of care ultrasound.  We are excited to bring you a two-hour workshop covering the most useful applications of POCUS in the paediatric population. Our instructors are FACEMs and sonographers experienced in using POCUS in children. They will talk you through using ultrasound to help you manage fractures; differentiate cellulitis and abscesses; look for lung pathology; assess paediatric hips; assess the unsettled infant and abdominal pain in childhood. 

Echo and Lung

Our echo and lung workshop will be delivered in two streams. 


Stream One: Basic Echo and Lung in Life Support.  

This workshop will take you through how to use echo and lung ultrasound views in our sickest patients. This workshop is aimed at those who are not yet comfortable with basic echo and lung views or who want to refresh their skills in these views. 


Stream two: Echo and Lung assessment of shortness of breath and chest pain.

This workshop will cover how echo and lung scanning can be of use when considering the following conditions: pulmonary embolism, heart failure, pericardial effusion, aortic dissection, undifferentiated shortness of breath. 

This workshop is aimed at those who are comfortable with the basic echo and lung views and who want to learn something a little beyond the basics. 

Our workshops will cater for all levels of scanning experience. For beginners, the stations will give you a taster for how POCUS can help in your clinical practice.  For the more advanced scanners our instructors will be able to give you guidance on how to start using these skills in your day to day practice. 



Abdominal Workshop

During this two-hour workshop our experienced instructors will be taking you through how POCUS can help you in the assessment of patients with abdominal problems.  We will cover how to scan and diagnose pathology in the following abdominal organs: aorta, kidneys, gallbladder, testicles and bowel.  We will also cover assessment of early pregnancy.  

POCUS Management Workshop

Expert tips for establishing or enriching a POCUS Management Program in your department.

We will cover Governance, Education, Competency, Machines and Equipment and Workflow including a panel discussion with Dr Michael Blaivas author of Ultrasound Program Management from Georgia, USA and our local faculty.