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Top Tips: Ultrasound Guided Peripheral Vascular Access

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

ICEM Conference Pearls of Wisdom

POCUS Workshop Instructor Dr Victoria Meighan

1. Set yourself up for success! Think about ergonomics and position yourself, your patient, machine and equipment, get a chair and an assistant when you are starting out.

2. Map the vein trajectory in advance of cannulation

3. Remember smaller arteries may be compressible but will always be pulsatile so check!

4. Use a longer cannula eg 2.5 inch

5. Use sequential needle tracking in short axis/ out of plane, visualise the needle in plane.

6. Practice, deliberately, on a blue phantom first! Then teach your colleagues too! Use 5 min sono videos or the 'learn' functionality on your machine if you have it for mental rehearsal.



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