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Echo Guided Life Support

Step by step ultrasound for resuscitation 1 day workshop. 

Wondering what to do when a patient is trying to die on your watch?  

A structured approach can make all the difference... and that is what EGLS is all about.


EGLS is an echo and lung ultrasound workshop that focuses on the essential skills needed to assess undifferentiated shocked patients at the bedside. 


You will come away with the skills to apply the structured EGLS approach in your resuscitation. 

The course is an initiative of long-time colleagues Jean-Francois Lanctôt and Maxime Valois.

Access the App via your mobile deivce;


At the conclusion of training, participants will be better able to:

  1. Categorise undifferentiated shock via an algorithmic approach;

  2. Identify pneumothorax and interstitial syndrome with lung ultrasound;

  3. Identify the signs of obstructive shock (tamponade, pulmonary embolism);

  4. Qualitatively assess left ventricular function;

  5. Assess the inferior vena cava;

  6. Assess volemia and fluid responsiveness potential.


This one-day program is accredited as an ultrasound training course for ASUM CCPU FELS.


  • A full day of echo and lung ultrasound

  • Integrated approach to the undifferentiated shocked patient

  • Emergency clinician instructors

  • Scanning time prioritised

  • High instructor to participant ratio (4:1)

  • 2 participants per scanning station

  • Extensive pre course online learning modules

  • Exceptional feedback from previous New Zealand EGLS courses

Who is it for?

For doctors who want to gain confidence, efficiency and provide better care to their unstable patients. Prior experience in point of care ultrasound is not needed.

Course Preparation

Participants are required to complete 6 modules online prior to attending the course which takes approximately 6 hours.

Text Book

Recommended to facilitate completion of e-learning.

All you need to know about EGLS (Echo-Guided Life Support), but on paper. Our book covers both step-by-step image acquisition and interpretation and features anatomical illustrations, descriptions, as well as useful tips and pitfalls.

*Not included in course registration


Required Course Preparation.

Complete, thorough and interactive e-learning on ultrasound in the context of shock/resuscitation. Learn efficiently and at your own pace thanks to a well-constructed program of 6 modules, with hundreds of videos, tutorials, quizzes and more.

*E-learning model access provided upon registration

New Zealand Faculty

The New Zealand EGLS faculty of Emergency Physicians is led by Dr Gabriela King who has been running EGLS Workshop in New Zealand since 2017.

Dr Gabby King - Course Director

Dr Willem van der Merwe - Master Instructor

Dr Dan Anderson - Master Instructor

Dr Mark Rewi

Dr Phillip Young

Dr Gaynor Prince

Dr Cris Zollo

Dr George Stephenson

Dr Owen Doran

Dr Hamish Read

Dr Abbey Arrowsmith

Dr Jennifer Heyes

Dr Victoria Twigden

Frequently Asked Questions

What medical specialty is this course appropriate for?

Any specialty that assesses and manages undifferentiated shocked patients (e.g. Emergency Medicine, Intensive Care, Retrieval Medicine, Rural Medicine, Urgent Care, General Medicine and other Medical Specialties, Anaesthetics).

Do I need previous ultrasound experience?

No, the course has been designed to be attended by doctors with very little ultrasound experience right up to those with advanced ultrasound skills.  The focus on clinical integration of echo and lung ultrasound makes the EGLS course unique to many other ultrasound courses.

Can the course be adapted to my medical specialty?

Yes, when groups are formed from a single medical specialty, the content can be tailored to their practice.

Is the content appropriate for medical students and trainees?

Yes, students and trainees are also eligible for discounted rates.

Can participants receive their certificate without completing the online learning?

No. All participants must complete the online learning and attend the one day course to obtain a certificate and claim their CPD credits.

1 Day Workshop Agenda





Introduction (Theory)


Lung Ultrasound (Theory)


Lung (Practical)




Subcostal/IVC & State of the circulation (theory)


Subcostal and inferior vena cava view (practical)





Complementary cardiac views (theory)


Complementary cardiac views (practical)




Algorithmic approach to shock (EGLS)


EGLS (practical)


Questions & Conclusion (theory)

Dr Jon Theoret - Course Director
Dr Allan Whitehead - Master Instructor
Dr Chris Tang
Dr Ashes Mukherjee
Dr Scott Flannagan
Aidan Baron
Dr Shailesh Dass
Dr Leanne Hutchinson

Dr Darren Moisey

Dr Thomas Finn

Dr Samantha Burgoyne

Dr Jacques Malan
Dr Mel Keith
Dr Phil Janson
Dr Andrew Murphy

Dr Avijit Barai

Dr Saqib Rana

Dr Charith Desilva

Australian Faculty

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