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Outreach Program

Taking POCUS Places

A cluster of initiatives that support clinicians in our neighbouring Pacific Nations as well as rural/remote indigenous communities in Australia and New Zealand.

POCUS for Emergency & Acute care in Resource-Limited Settings

PEARLS is an independent not-for-profit project supported by EMUGs, aiming to spread the use of clinician-performed ultrasound in the developing world. Over a 3-day course, learners are trained in the use of handheld ultrasound devices, which connect to a smartphone or tablet. The course syllabus emphasises identification of urgent pathology which can be managed within the local health system. Support continues post-course, with learners uploading images to a cloud platform, and instructors providing educational feedback. With an instructor faculty based in Australasia, our initial focus is on our neighbours in the Pacific, beginning with the inaugural course in Vanuatu in 2022.

Developing Nations Free Education

Clinicians who live and work in a developing nation have free access to our annual education subscription and online events and courses. Email to register and apply.

About the Outreach Fund

EMUGs Outreach Program is a cluster of initiatives that share the purpose of supporting clinicians in less resourced environments to develop their POCUS skills and ultrasound programs.


We harness the generosity, expertise and spirit of the EMUGs Community to provide education, support and resources where possible.

What Our Funding Supports;

  • POCUS Course Design For Rural/Remote Communities as well as  Pacific Locations

  • POCUS Training and Supervision for Clinicians in Rural/Remote Communities and Pacific Locations

  • POCUS Instructor Team Travel and Course Related Expenses for Education Delivered in Rural and Remote and Pacific Nations

  • Donating Ultrasound Equipment for Rural/Remote Communities and Pacific Nations

  • Free Access to EMUGs Online Educational Resources for Clinicians in Developing Nations

Who is eligible to apply for funding?

Any altruistic POCUS focussed group with goals and a vision that aligns with the EMUGs mission. The EMUGs outreach program is especially focussed on endeavours that will bring high quality POCUS to our pacific neighbours and rural and remote Australian communities.

How can I volunteer in one of the initiatives?

Connect with an EMUGs supported outreach initiative by reaching out to When can then notify you when opportunities to volunteer arise or put you in touch with an appropriate group.  

The outreach team together before dinner

Contributions & Donations

Support our Ultrasound training outreach program and make a lasting impact on underserved communities. Your donation will help us equip healthcare professionals with essential skills and knowledge. Join us in this important mission.

Application Form

Thanks our team will review your application shortly.

Application for funding

To apply for funding, please fill in the form with a detailed request outlining the nature of your project and the scope of assistance you are seeking. We encourage you to provide as much information as possible in order to enable us to conduct a comprehensive assessment of your application.

Our team will evaluate your submission to determine whether it aligns with the EMUGs outreach fund's objectives and eligibility criteria. If your application is successful, you will receive funding to support your POCUS-related initiatives.

By availing of this financial assistance, you can help to ensure that people in underprivileged areas or communities have access to high-quality POCUS services.

We believe that access to POCUS can significantly enhance healthcare outcomes, particularly in resource-constrained environments where access to medical care is often limited. Therefore, we are committed to supporting individuals or organizations that share our vision of expanding access to POCUS.

Outreach Program Goals

  • To provide free online POCUS education to clinicians in resource limited areas through the EMUGs Subscription and on-demand library. 

  • To connect doctors motivated and willing to teach point of care ultrasound in less resourced areas with existing or developing programs.

  • To link outreach initiatives and programs seeking volunteers with the EMUGs community.

  • Where possible, to provide financial support and guidance to initiatives providing POCUS education in resource limited settings.

Current Initiatives

Our outreach initiatives are making a significant impact on emergency care in developing communities. Through our programs, we provide hands-on ultrasound training to healthcare professionals, equipping them with essential diagnostic skills to help save lives in emergency situations.

At the core of our ultrasound outreach initiatives is a commitment to improving healthcare and promoting health and wellness in underserved communities. By providing essential ultrasound training and medical care, we help to ensure that clinicians have the resources & training they need to improve patient outcomes.

Learn more about our current initiatives below.

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