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Following Dr. Jonathan “Jono” Henry's time in Vanuatu after he was asked by the Vanuatu Ministry of Health to assist with emergency services in their country, Jono approached EMUGs to further support his work in Vanuatu. Read Sonosite's blog about Jono's work in Vanuatu

Thanks to the generosity of our partners AIU and Istih, in addition to our annual scholarship in 2020, we're also able to bring 1 Emergency Physician from Vanuatu over to The Gold Coast to train at AIU.


EMUGs Outreach fund has been established to raise funds to support initiatives that align with our program objectives

Australian Residents

New Zealand Residents



A group of emergency physicians funded by the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade have been actively building the capability of emergency care in Tonga for several years.

As a result of their efforts ultrasound is now a core part of emergency care in Tonga.

The current barriers to improved ultrasound utility in Tonga are access to up to date equipment. Through our Give A Little Campaign, EMUGs was able to raise money to send a much needed probe to Tonga.

Sonosite were able to provide an ex demo model making it more affordable and Culpan Medical generously donated 3 x boxes of transducer covers for use with the Sonosite equipment.

This will be an excellent addition to the small but growing capacity to provide point of care ultrasound in the critical care setting in Tonga.