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Our two day course covering the basics of Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) for Emergency Medicine.

Course Information

This 2 day course covers the basics of point of care ultrasound for emergency medicine. Participants will leave knowing how to perform a focussed echo in life support (FELS), extended focussed assessment with sonography in trauma (eFAST), ultrasound of the aorta and how to scan the lung and thorax. There will be short lectures combined with plenty of hands on scanning time. The course is ideally suited for ACEM trainees who are beginning to use ultrasound in their practice, or any doctors working in acute medicine who want an introduction to ultrasound, or to reinvigorate their current practice. Prior experience in point of care ultrasound is not needed. This course is also suitable for critical care, rural medicine and urgent care doctors and nurse practitioners. This course is accredited by ACEM and ASUM.


Basics course covering four core modalities.


ED trainees without a lot of scanning experience, ED SMO's without scanning confidence, those for whom it has been years since the last ultrasound course as well as other critical, rural and urgent care providers, nurse practitioners, paramedics and general practitioners. 


Designed to meet the ACEM credentialing requirements for the core USS modalities; FELS (echo), AAA, eFAST and Lung.


A mix of didactic lectures, image review and hands-on scanning.

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