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What is EMUGs?

We are a grassroots not for profit organisation advocating and proactively paving the way for excellence in POCUS practice. 

About Us.

Our amazing community of passionate and committed volunteers is what makes EMUGs special. This family of POCUS enthusiasts across Australia and New Zealand are proactively sharing their energy and expertise to collaboratively move us closer to our vision.

Founded in 2015 in Sydney Australia by a small group of future focused clinicians, EMUGs continues to identify and fill the gaps in the POCUS ecosystem.

Our Areas of Focus:

Advocacy - a unified voice for POCUS excellence, quality assurance and clinical integration

Education - filling gaps in knowledge, skills and resources

Collaboration - harnessing our communities collective energy and wisdom

Action - focussed programs and services progressing us towards our vision

EMUGs is run by a lean part time Management Team overseen by Central Council to coordinate an inspiring calendar of events and support our collaborative projects. Our Honorary Advisors form another part of the collective of industry leaders that allow EMUGs to make an impact in the POCUSphere. Our sponsors are also an integral part of our success, ensuring our community remains up to date with the latest in POCUS technology.

EMUGs exists to meet the needs of POCUS users and ultrasound leaders and we welcome your involvement no matter where you find yourself on your POCUS journey. 


Focused on Emergency Medicine, we welcome other acute care practitioners to join our POCUS Revolution.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

In alignment with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals & the World Health Organisation’s Transformative Action on Climate & Health, this strategy identifies our role within the interconnected layers of public, socio-economic and environmental health, and outlines the ways in which we aim to support a sustainable future for our people and our planet.


POCUS is a game changing clinical tool that improves patient outcomes.

Our community is working towards embedding POCUS as a core skill, widely used and integrated into emergency medicine.


Widespread integration of high quality focussed ultrasound in acute care.


Uniting to inspire the evolution of POCUS.

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