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Bedside Echo Podcast

with Dr Avijit Barai and Wendy Finnie

Bedside echo is a fascinating tool to assess critically unwell patients. To many, bedside echocardiography makes a huge difference in patient management too.

In this podcast, we talked about bedside echo POCUS. We have demonstrated bedside echo probe placement, bedside echo views, and bedside echocardiography by emergency physicians. There is also a debate about bedside echo vs formal echo. In addition, we talked about how to do bedside echo, and what to expect echocardiogram, and which echo is best. Bedside echo is also known as cardiac ultrasound, cardiac US and bedside echocardiogram.

Wendy Finnie has an illustrious career as an echocardiographer and educator for over 40 years.

Let's delve into the fascinating world of focused cardiac ultrasound (FOCUS) in this brand new podcast.


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