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These meetings are a collaborative discussion with fellow ultrasound enthusiasts in a relaxed and friendly forum. 

They cover topical and relevant themes such as research, education trends, department ultrasound program development and technological developments.

Meetings are held live or online, as either stand alone events or as part of larger EMUGs events

“Great coverage of all the different aspects of POCUS management with detailed sessions and discussions on each of the main areas. ”

“Great presenters - Mike Blaivis added a huge amount with his knowledge and experience of all the topics covered.”

“I enjoyed networking with experienced POCUS champions and being inspired to make achievable changes in our department.”

“Great to find out what other departments have done to find solutions to common issues, and have a framework for what needs to be done as an ultrasound director.”

“Great content, great faculty, great organisation and great relevance.”

“Well structured  with experienced presenters covering the essential topic pitched at exactly the right level.”

“It was so valuable to hear the pearls of wisdom from such experienced people and share thoughts and experiences with colleagues all over Oz and NZ going through the same dilemmas and issues.”

Feedback from past attendees

This course is a framework through which to establish and & enrich POCUS management in your department.


  • 5 x 90min recorded video sessions delivered by a panel of experts.

  • Relevant Resources.

  • Certificate of Completion.

  • Membership on EMUGs Clinical Leaders WhatsApp Forum.

Course Purpose

To pave a smooth and uniform path for POCUS program development in emergency departments through effective governance and leadership development.

Course Aspiration

EMUGs POCUS Management Course graduates are a trans Tasman community of knowledgeable, well respected leaders who’ve established robust quality POCUS programs in their practice environments.

Level 1

Guidance for establishing and/or enriching POCUS Management in your department.

The course includes 5 x 90-120min sessions delivered by a panel of experts aimed at those in or aspiring to take on senior and/or ultrasound leadership roles.

We have provided the recordings of both the 2020 and the 2022 versions of this course as they differed slightly hence you will see 10 x sessions. Some of the 2022 material has been duplicated from 2020 but there are too many pearls of wisdom in each series to choose between them, thus we are made both available to you. It is your choice to decide whether to watch both or just one series. 


Session 1 - Governance

Session 2 - Education
Session 3 - Infrastructure

Session 4 - Quality Assurance

Session 5 - Administration


Session 1 - Governance

Session 2 - Education
Session 3 - Competency

Session 4 - Machines and Equipment

Session 5 - Workflow


Ultrasound Program Management

CLUS Resources (ACEM)

Pillars of POCUS


Management Course

A self paced online program to assist those in senior and/or ultrasound leadership roles or those keen to take on these roles.

Course Faculty: Dr Michael Blaivas, Dr Allan Whitehead, Dr Gabriel Blecher, Dr Vijay Manivel, Dr Cris Zollo and Sonographers Martin Necas, Carolynne Cormack and Anthony Wald

Level 2

Graduate Course

*Level 1 is a prerequisite of Level 2


Session 1 - Research Overview
Session 2 - Practical Applications

The level 2 course has been designed for our community of level 1 course graduates wanting to continue to develop and further advance their POCUS leadership and departmental programs. These webinars bring you an in-depth view of a single advanced topic or concept.

Pre Hospital POCUS

Session 1 - Paramedic POCUS

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