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A bit about Cris Professionally

Cris went to medical school in England, worked in various hospitals across UK/ Australia /NZ, but completed her FACEM training in New Zealand. She completed her ASUM DDU in 2018.

She is now working at Waikato Hospital, New Zealand, as a FACEM and Clinical Lead of Ultrasound, which takes up much of her Non-clinical time. She is also a Co-Chair for EMUGs New Zealand.

Getting involved with EMUGs

Cris attended the very first EMUGs meeting in New Zealand set up by Brian O’Connell, which she heard about through an advert in the ACEM bulletin. At the time she was a DDU student and found the meeting to be a great networking event. She found it valuable to hear what others were doing in other departments.

She took a small hiatus to have a baby (number 4!) and complete her DDU exams before volunteering to be actively involved as one of EMUG New Zealand’s Co-Chairs.

Cris has contributed an enormous amount to EMUGs and its mission to date but feels that she gets just as much out of it.

For Cris, getting involved with running and teaching workshops has been good experience and she enjoys the networking and collaborating with other departments. 

As her role at Waikato Hospital is new, she has found it valuable to network and borrow and adapt others ideas. She believes it’s the sharing resources that is really important as some departments are further along with US leadership that others.

Being Co-Chair

Cris says that being a Co-Chair for EMUGs New Zealand has been an expansive role involving everything from checking financial accounts to presenting talks, running workshops, organising events and “bugging others to do things.” "There is lots of liaison, teamwork and collaboration. It’s important to be engaged and contribute by providing direction and advise where needed and keep the momentum and enthusiasm going.

EMUGs events give me a break from my children and a chance to talk to grown ups and eat dinner without someone putting Weetabix in my hair!

Ultrasound scanning was a good focus for me whilst on maternity leave, as it was something I could still do when clinical work got too tiring. Doing my DDU exam whilst on maternity leave was a good way to keep my brain kicking over.”

What drives the POCUS Passion

“We have all had a patient or two where POCUS has saved a life or made a massive difference.

Recently I had a lady arrest on me in the resus room. We assumed she had a PE, as she was undergoing chemotherapy, but it turned out she had ruptured her mitral valve from endocarditis, which we picked up with echo.

I have had trainees pick up ruptured ectopic pregnancies in the middle of the night,  which I’ve taught them to do - makes me so proud! Ultrasound is infectious - it spreads like the flu!”

Favourite Travel Destination

Thailand - its a happy cheerful place and its beautiful.

Cris’s Vision for EMUGs

To remain a clinical support and collaborative network helping each department bring  their US game higher throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Other than EMUGs

Cris has 4 kids (1,4,7 & 9) and loves the beach, running, and good food and wine with friends. 

Cris’s Message for Those Contemplating Getting Involved

“Come to a meeting and give us a go. Join the Community WhatsApp group to get some ideas and see what we are all about. We are a big friendly group of people and you are welcome.”



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