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Meet Dr Gabby King

Gabby has been an important part of EMUGs New Zealand since its inception. Gabby has been the co-chair of EMUGs New Zealand as well as a conference organiser, EGLS Course director and contributed a great deal to countless events, projects and teams. EMUGs is lucky to have such a passionate and hardworking team member join the Central Council.


My passion for POCUS comes from the benefit it brings to our patients improving both diagnostic and treatment decisions. My work for EMUGs and as Departmental Clinical Lead for Ultrasound is driven by a desire to improve patient access to POCUS.

Seeing the enthusiasm for POCUS in our trainees as they realise the utility of POCUS and what it does for our patients drives me to keep improving training in POCUS.

What attracted you to EMUGs?

EMUGs has brought me so much inspiration and support in my role as Departmental Clinical Lead for Ultrasound over the last 6 years. Being in touch with and working with so many other inspirational and talented doctors across Australia and New Zealand has allowed me to take on challenges I would not have been successful at otherwise.

As well as this, working with all these people running and attending EMUGs

events and conferences is so much fun, I have made some great friends along the way.

What's one thing you would love to do that you still haven't done?

Take POCUS education to a developing country… hopefully in 2023!



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