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Meet Critical Care Flight Paramedic... Hannah Latta

A bit about Hannah, professionally to set the scene:

Hannah works full time for Wellington Free Ambulance as a critical care flight paramedic on the Westpac helicopter as part of a neat team of fantastic people providing land and water rescue which includes medical and trauma.

Hannah also works for Auckland University of Technology as a lecturer teaching ultrasound to postgraduate paramedic students and in a small SEED capacity at Wellington Emergency Department alongside an amazing team of doctors.

Hannah is nearing completion of a Doctoral of Health Science looking at the integration of ultrasound into cardiac arrest prehospital.

If that isn't enough she is a photographer with her own business which ticks along and is a nice creative outlet AND Mum to Sam.

A Headshot of Hannah Latta

How did you get involved with EMUGs?

Dion Van de Schoot, who was working in Wellington at the time doing his ultrasound run put me in touch. Thanks, Dion!

Can you take us through some of the different aspects of how your job includes POCUS?

What a question! I’m trying to think of occasions when not to use it! POCUS is the pinnacle of real-time information prehospital. It’s the icing on the cake. Best used in moderation with focused spread. On the helicopter having the ability to make quicker decisions based on specific findings advocates for improved patient care and transport decisions. Specifics include free fluid, vascular access, gold-standard nerve blocks and so much more. Differentiating between lung profiles and clinical presentation takes the guesswork out of deciding which treatment to follow. Take you’re a complex patient with a history of CHF, COPD, and a recent cough. The ability to distinguish between fluid, dry or sub pleural consolidation profiles is truly satisfying and good for the patient. There is so much! The key is to focus on the use of POCUS to improve diagnostic ability and patient care.

The EMUGs community are all passionate POCUS enthusiasts, what drives this passion for you? EMUGer’s are family. You feel safe to ask questions and learn from others. Plus how cool is it to have direct access to the experts making waves and educational content.

We must embrace technology which makes us better at our craft and POCUS is one tool that paramedics can use with the right education and credentialling to really make a difference. Think of all the lifesaving POCUS doctors have done in the ED take it to the road. Hot AAA, tamponade, free fluid, heart failure, fluid responsiveness………..the list goes on.

What is your favourite travel destination and why?

My favourite destination is going home to my partner Shane and son Sam.

What do you do outside of EMUGs?

Study! No, I enjoy CrossFit, tramping and just being outside.

Do you have a message to others thinking of becoming involved with EMUGs?

It's a safe and friendly community, super passionate about ultrasound and supporting anyone with a focus on POCUS.



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