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Nurturing Growth and Impact: Stacey Davidson’s Journey with EMUGs

Updated: May 6

In 2017, Stacey Davidson embarked on her journey with EMUGs, stepping into the role of General Manager during a period of significant organic expansion. Her mission was clear: to harness this momentum and lay the foundations for sustainable growth.

Stacey Davidson

Over the course of five years in this role, Stacey had the privilege of guiding EMUGs through transformative phases, witnessing its evolution into a leader in the POCUS ecosystem through impact and reach within the medical community. From streamlining operations to cultivating strategic partnerships, every decision was aimed at advancing the mission.

The transition of operational leadership to Romy Blecher marked a pivotal moment in Stacey’s journey with EMUGs. Entrusting the helm to a capable successor was a testament to the strength of the organisational structure and the depth of the collective vision. As Stacey assumed the role of Executive Director on the Central Council in 2022, her focus shifted to supporting operations and guiding board activities, ensuring stability, continuity, and the ongoing development of EMUGs' work.

One of the most rewarding aspects of Stacey’s time with EMUGs has been the sense of community and camaraderie among the volunteer network. What began as a professional endeavour has blossomed into a family-like bond, united by a common purpose and passion for advancing emergency medicine.

Beyond Stacey’s involvement with EMUGs, her agency Florescence has provided a platform for extending leadership coaching to emergency doctors across Australia and New Zealand, empowering them to drive positive change in non-clinical projects and become catalysts for progress within their departments.

Stacey is deeply committed to fostering systemic change to address the complex global challenges that impact us all. She collaborates closely with clinical leaders at the grassroots level to tackle pressing issues such as healthcare inequity and the climate emergency.

Stacey’s journey with EMUGs demonstrates the profound impact that collective effort and shared vision can have on shaping the future of healthcare. With the right leadership, a unified culture, and a game-changing strategy in place, significant advancements are possible.

You will find Stacey at SONIC each year supporting Romy to create an awesome conference experience.


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