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POCUS Update from Ethiopia

An update from EMUGs Developing Countries Scholar Dr Temesgen Beyene.

We are excited to receive this update from our latest developing countries scholar reporting his recent POCUS success story from Ethiopia. We are excited to meet Temesgen in person at the upcoming SONIC Conference in Noosa.

Here in Ethiopia, we are rapidly developing our point of care ultrasound program further. I ran a pre-conference workshop and a train-the-trainer continuous professional development on point of care ultrasound in critical care for Ethiopian Society of Emergency Professionals together with my team. This is a part of a grand scheme to help the development of Emergency Ultrasound in Ethiopia and more than 10 specialists in Emergency & Critical Care Medicine trainees attended for full 2 days despite some resource limitations for more hands on training. As per my POCUS Educator Scholarship details of facilitating in-country train-the-trainer, I have enjoyed this for the third time since received this scholarship which keeps me with full energy. For our long term future, I am hoping to create a sustained ultrasound development project in Ethiopia.


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