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By: Dr Elissa Kennedy-Smith

What is this Progress POCUS workshop that you might have heard something about? 


The clever acronym is thanks to Dr. Vijay Manivel- Proctored Guidance Review and Evaluation SessionS for POCUS.


The idea came from a group of FACEM ultrasound enthusiasts who realised that teaching advanced ultrasound techniques at Conference Ultrasound Workshops often resulted in exciting FACEMs with new skills but they were also ones that they would never used again. This handful of ultrasound enthusiasts decided that instead, they could use these workshops to consolidate the core areas and try to help FACEMs achieve ACEM’s recommendation on their scope of practice in POCUS.That is, helping the FACEMs to become competent at the 5 core ED POCUS modalities of E-FAST, AAA, FELS, Lung and Procedural Guidance.

We have now run 6 Progress PoCus workshops and managed to sign off (as competent) over 160 Summative assessments, as well as completing even more Formative Assessments. Approximately 60 FACEMs candidates have benefited from Progress PoCUS as well as some Registrars, CMOs and even a nurse practitioner or two. 


Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive from all levels of participants. Typically, most participants start the workshop thinking that they do not want to complete Summative Assessments, but inevitably,  by the time the afternoon session rolls aroumd, they are lining up again and again to take Summative Assessments!


The morning sessions are all about practising whichever of the 5 core area of ultrasound you choose to practice- which could be just one, or it could be all five. We rotate groups around to ensure that each participant gets access to an array of tips and tricks from each of our highly qualified ED POCUS instructors. We finish the day with a brief review of the SLICE algorithm which guides the integration of PoCUS skills practiced throughout this workshop, in the assessment and resuscitation of the shocked or breathless patient.


Most of our instructors either have multiple Certificates in Clinician Performed Ultrasound units or have their Diploma of Diagnostic Ultrasound. We have also been lucky enough to have had the occasional highly qualified Sonographer Educator involved.


So, what are you waiting for- you can become involved, either as a participant or (if you have the qualifications) as one of our instructors (we would LOVE to increase the size of our faculty).


Next courses are on the first day of the conferences below: 


- Regional, Rural and Remote ACEM conference in Darwin 7-9th July

- Victorian ACEM faculty Annual Conference in Creswick 13-15th September

- Spring Seminar for Emergency Medicine in Orange 15-18th October

- ACEM Annual Scientific Meeting in Adelaide 23-28thNovember


We would love to see you there!

See ACEM’s promotional video for ProGRESS POCUS:




Progress POCUS Committee. (Dr. Vijay Manivel, Dr. Nadi Pandithage, Dr. Justin Bowra, Dr. Scott Flannagan, Dr. Minh-Tu Duong, Dr. Elissa Kennedy-Smith).




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