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Honorary Advisor Team

EMUGs Management and Central Council are lucky to be supported by an amazing group of POCUS heroes!

The EMUGs Honorary Advisors are individuals with considerable industry leadership experience. They are the founders, champions and drivers of POCUS in Emergency Medicine. EMUGs is extremely grateful to these generous and busy individuals who lend their time and expertise to the organisation's governance in an advisory capacity.

We recently welcomed some fresh faces to this group, many from other leadership roles within EMUGs.

We wish to acknowledge our gratitude for this fabulous team of advisors.

Ireland Queensland Cian McDermott Kylie Baker

New South Wales South Australia Justin Bowra Alistair Murray Chris Partyka Brian O' Connell Victoria

Anthony Wald

New Zealand Gabriel Blecher Mark Rewi Melody Hiew Rex de Ryke Elissa Kennedy-Smith Cris Zollo Gaynor Prince Western Australia Martin Necas Adrian Goudie Mick Kileen James Rippey


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