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Launching EMUGs POCUS Passport

EMUG’s have streamlined your credentialing journey

The POCUS Passport is a new evidence based free open access resource to help fast track your personal and departmental credentialing process.

It provides all the tools you need to get credentialed by your local hospital using the ACEM guidelines for POCUS credentialing.

The POCUS Passport Includes;

  • Demonstration of the minimum image set that you need to acquire for each POCUS module and image review criteria for candidates and supervisors.

  • Summary of the required number of logged scans for each module including positive findings and ongoing maintenance requirements.

  • A downloadable logbook to record your scans to have reviewed and signed off by your supervisor or at an EMUGs finishing school.

  • Formative and Summative Assessment forms.

  • A downloadable certificate that can be signed by your supervisor or ED ultrasound lead once you have completed the ACEM requirement for proficiency in that module.

The POCUS Passport is designed for you to take it with you if you move between hospitals or if you are required to show evidence of your POCUS competency to be signed off by that hospital’s Emergency Ultrasound Program as credentialed.


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