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Top 5 Tips: Lung Ultrasound

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

ICEM Conference Pearls of Wisdom

POCUS Workshop Instructor Dr Allan Whitehead

1. Always combine lung ultrasound (US) with basic cardiac US eg. CLUE protocol or RADiUS are great examples of this

2. You can do everything with one probe in most patients (cardiac/multiphase array)

3. You can do everything with one preset in most patients (cardiac) but remember to flip the probe when doing lung to maintain normal lung convention on the screen ie head to the left of screen as you look at it

4. You can be quick - the skills is in the interpretation not in the image acquisition

5. You do not need to use M mode routinely for pneumothorax assessment - a 2D/B mode clip is fine. M mode can be used when you have to provide a still image of lung sliding or not or when you are still uncertain after viewing the 2D/B mode clip in motion


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