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Welcome New Central Council Members; Jo & Lynne

We are excited to announce two new Members of the EMUGs Central Council;

Sonographers Jo Douglas and Lynne Johnson.

Having more sonographers join this otherwise FACEM weighted team brings a fresh, insightful and valuable perspective. At EMUGs we are striving towards a more diverse board of directors which we feel will better help us achieve our mission.

Jo Douglas

Is there anything better than seeing the lightbulb moment when training someone in the use of ultrasound?

For me, maybe watching the plants growing and flowering on my property or a piece of artwork taking shape, though I find it extremely rewarding to see someone achieve ultrasound skills.

I've been a sonographer since 1983 working in private and public and have spent the last 12 years in POCUS. Delivering ASUM CCPU accredited courses, supervising ultrasound special skills programs, CCPU and DDU candidates, training nurses to use ultrasound to cannulate and it is exciting knowing that I’m passing on ultrasound knowledge that will facilitate improved patient care.

Watching ultrasound make a difference in an ED and being a S.E.E.D is the best job in the world.

Lynne Johnson

Lynne is a general sonographer in the Radiology Department at Austin Health in Melbourne.

She enjoys teaches Point of Care Ultrasound in the Emergency Department and is involved in setting up a credentialing program.

Lynne is chair of the Vic Branch of the Australasian Sonographer’s Association Education Committee.


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