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Picture of a change making SEED: Meet Carolynne Cormack

Senior Sonographer & POCUS Educator, Monash Health


ASA Victorian Sonographer of the Year 2022

This is Carolynne's Story including her Journey with EMUGs.

Carolynne has contributed a tremendous amount to EMUGs as the first sonographer to serve as a Director on the Central Council with her highly valuable measured and thoughtful perspective that takes into account the full breadth of the EMUGs audience.

Although Carolynne has recently stepped down from the Central Council role to pursue her PhD, she is still very much the driving force for various aspects of the organisation. Carolynne is also a member of the 2022 SONIC organising committee and a member of the POCUS Management Course faculty.

Along with Dr Brian O'Connell, the founding father of EMUGs, Carolynne has been a driving force behind the development of the SEED concept.

Carolynne's success story extends outside of EMUGs. Professionally, Carolynne has established the groundbreaking POCUS program at Monash Health, is an accomplished researcher who authored many papers and, recently, the ASA Victorian Sonographer of the Year!

A bit about Carolynne, professionally speaking:

Carolynne has been working as a clinical sonographer for over 25 years and has been involved in POCUS education for the last decade. She is privileged to work with a great team in the Monash Health POCUS program and is proud of the trailblasing the Monash team have done in the POCUS space. Carolynne has qualifications in diagnostic ultrasound, medical education and is currently undertaking MPhil research on development of POCUS education in Australasia.

How and why did Carolynne choose to get involved with EMUGs?

Dr Gabriel Blecher and Dr Melody Hiew first introduced Carolynne to EMUGs, and she hasn't looked back since. A self professed zebra (or possibly a rainbow unicorn) as a sonographer amongst the physician racehorses, she loves contributing her ultrasound knowledge and considers it a privilege to be involved with EMUGs; to work collaboratively and see positive improvement

What drives Carolynne's POCUS passion?

Combining passion for ultrasound excellence with the many needs in POCUS education is a natural fit and she is driven by wanting to see things improved.

Carolynne outside of work:

A busy mum, wife, carer, friend, student, volunteer and more!

How has POCUS progressed and what more would Carolynne like to see?

There has been increasing groundswell for critical care ultrasound in Australia and New Zealand in recent years, but there is still a long way to go. We need more engagement of SEEDs (sonographer educators in EDs.)

In response to this need Carolynne is currently undertaking a Delphi consensus process to gather expert opinion on what knowledge, skills and attitudes are required by SEEDs which will be utilised in the development of the EMUGs SEEDS training course under development by the EMUGs SEED Committee to prepare sonographers for the SEED role.

We acknowledge and thank Carolynne for all that she has done as a much valued EMUGs volunteer over the years.



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