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Formative and Summative Assessments

2 Formative and a final summative assessment must be completed.


Logbook Requirements

To successfully complete the AAA module a minimum of 15 accurate examinations of the aorta must be performed. At least 50% of these examinations must be clinically indicated and at least three should demonstrate an aneurysm.


These scans should be recorded in your logbook and saved images should be reviewed and signed off by your supervisor.


The logbook is available here for download or for copying to your google drive (if logged in via your google account). 

Minimum Imaging Set and Supervisor Auditing Guide

The minimum imaging set and image auditing guide is available here.

Ongoing Skills Maintenance Requirements

To maintain his/her credentials, the emergency medicine sonologist must undertake at least three hours of ultrasound training per year and perform 15 aorta scans for the AAA scan module over a two-year cycle. 

Focused Echo

Lung Ultrasound

Needle Guidance


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