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Formative and Summative Assessments

The assessment requirements include two formative and one summative assessment, which can also count towards the six supervised scans. These assessments must be completed on patients.


Logbook Requirements

To successfully complete the needle guidance module a minimum of three directly supervised procedures must be performed for both in-plane and out-of-plane needle guidance (total of six).


Up to three of the “directly supervised” procedures can be on simulators if necessary.


To achieve proficiency, a candidate will need to perform at least 25 successful needle guided procedures. The trainee and supervisor should ensure that a range of needle guidance procedures have been performed, ie. not just 25 peripheral IV cannulations.


The logbook is available here for download or for copying to your google drive (if logged in via your google account).

Minimum Imaging Set and Supervisor Auditing Guide

You do not need to take an image set for needle guidance.

Ongoing Skills Maintenance Requirements

To maintain his/her credentials, the emergency medicine sonologist must undertake at least three hours of ultrasound training per year and perform at least 10 ultrasound guided procedures per year.

Focused Echo

Lung Ultrasound

Needle Guidance


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